According to carpet manufacturers, your Carpets should be professionally cleaned every six months to a year. However, this can be more or less depending your household, ages of the people on home, pets,  house location and front – back yard condition.



Odor Treatment  $65.00 Per Room

Our Product chemically neutralizes odors by binding, bonding and absorbing odors associated with humans, animals, food, chemical processes and smoke.

Carpet Stretching   $75.00 Per Room

Does your carpet have wrinkles, ripples, and lumps? Are you tired of tripping on them? Do you wish that you could get rid of them right now?

Clean your carpet before & after moved from a rent house.

Getting into a new house or leaving an old one is a daunting task and some important activities are related to this. Tenants have to take care of the property and stress on the cleanliness. You should find eco friendly carpet cleaning service to help you in this and they perform a safe and effective job. Almost all homes have carpets and maintaining them is a big task. As the boxes are packed and the shifting process begins, the cleaning aspect of the new home should always be given a priority. This is important both pre-move-in and post move-out. If you allow some time for a home carpet cleaning service, a lot of good things will follow.

Why is carpet cleaning so important before moving in?

Living in a healthy condition matters greatly and this is the sole reason, why carpet cleaning is so vital. Carpets can contain stains and spots all the time and the condition can be unhealthy for living. If you have a kid in your family, then cleaning becomes all the more important. There are numerous services available in the market, but find eco friendly carpet cleaning service to get the best results. The King Carpet Cleaning use green methods to maximize performance and reduce the deadly hazards associated with the cleaning. When you start your life in a new house, the conditions should be perfect. There shouldn’t be any odor or dirt in the carpet and you can find steam cleaning service to get rid of all these. The Steam process is highly advanced kills germs completely. Freshen up the atmosphere and have a great start in the new place.

Why you clean your carpets after moving out of your rented house? 

When you are leaving a property you should keep it in perfect condition for the next tenant. This is a collective social environment and carpet cleaning is a part of that. You can easily find non chemical cleaning service, to reduce the pungent odors and make it less hazardous. By cleaning carpet and upholstery, while moving out, you can get your security deposit easily. The carpet cleaning business has become extremely diverse and almost all reputed companies offer carpet & upholstery cleaning too. You can smartly find Steam cleaning residential carpet cleaning and leave the home in style.

How to clean the carpets effectively?

Carpet cleaning can be done in many innovative ways and some companies provide carpet cleaning services in Surprise AZ . They have standard as well as deluxe packages.

  • The carpet should be vaccumed first to improve the indoor quality of your house and carpet cleaning services do that.
  • Shifting from one place to another is challenging, but if you focus on the key things, everything becomes easy.
  • Contact a reliable carpet cleaning service and make the home atmosphere healthy.

Secondly, Shampo should be sprayed on the carpet to prepare it for deep cleaning. This is also applicable for upholstery cleaning and all commercial carpet cleaners do that. Steam cleaning is a highly effective method and all professional commercial & residential  carpet cleaners use that.

Methods of Payment 

Pay with Credit card is easy and convince way to pay. More and more customers ask for this service and we have it just for you, however we recive Cash, Personal Checks and (Credit Card processing fee maybe apply)

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